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Blowin’ a hoolie 🌊 ._._._._._._#baby #b

Mother to three of my own Little Wanderers, and in the midst of our 5th International relocation within 10 years - I appreciate that for children growing up in multiple countries experiencing cultures other than the country of their birth or parents nationality, will reward them with the most meaningful gifts but also the most testing of challenges. 


I created this community based site for parents and caregivers of younger children to share the highs and lows of expat life, to provide a supportive landscape and access to a wealth of thoughtful hints and tips from experts and expats alike in the hope that the sharing of knowledge and experience may provide support to others going through the motions whether it be their first or umpteenth relocation. 

As you scroll through the pages you will find real life stories shared by families from all corners of the world, a list of valuable reading materials, the expertise of professionals in the fields of psychology and children's well being. Additionally, a safe place to ask any questions you might have or share any experiences with a supportive audience.  Jules x

Real life stories from expat families

Ida's Story


Mother of 3 (3,5,&9). Originally from Sweden Ida and her family embarked upon an expat life first in South Korea and then Singapore. 

Karin's Story


Mother of 3 (17,12 &12). Originally from Sweden Karin and her family embarked upon an expat life first in Russia, before further international relocations to Estonia, Denmark and the USA. 

Stef's Story


Mother of 3 boys (1,4 & 5). Originally from Northern Ireland Stef and her family embarked upon an expat life on the other side of the world in Australia. 

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