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Welcome to the Little Wanderers Online Community!


Firstly, allow me to introduce myself and the motivation behind this new initiative to support the parents of young expat children or more commonly known tck - third culture kids. 


My name is Jules, mother to three Little Wanderers, and in the midst of our 4th International family relocation within 8 years. I created this site for parents of younger children to share the highs and lows of expat life, to provide a supportive landscape and access to a wealth of thoughtful hints and tips from experts and expats alike in the hope that the sharing of knowledge and experience may provide support to others going through the motions whether it be their first or umpteenth relocation. 

Whilst scrolling through the pages you will discover stories of parents who have faced a variety of emotions and challenges during relocations, a safe place to ask questions or share experiences, expert children's mindfulness techniques, links to a wealth of resources, and the opportunity to connect your little ones with other tck kids around the world. 

Explore, enjoy and feel free to reach out using the contact details below - 

email tbc

instagram tbc

Blowin’ a hoolie 🌊 ._._._._._._#baby #b
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